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X Corp. is one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the world.

X corp. is headquartered in the Western Hemisphere and was founded after the consolidated mega-corporate merger between ApostleCorp, The Allied NHI Spacecraft Corporation (ASC), and Tyrell Corporation. It is currently the global leader in AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and the retrieval and reverse-engineering of non-human intelligence technology (NHI).

X Corp. Bank headquarters office building X AI has reached a significant milestone in advancing towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) by harnessing the potential of Non-Human Intelligence Technology (NHI), ultimately attaining Singularity. Through rigorous research, innovative endeavors, and the successful acquisition of NHI materials, X Corp. has introduced a groundbreaking AGI system, establishing unprecedented standards for advanced AI capabilities.

X AI NHI Powered Technology - Singularity
X NHI holds the responsibility of integrating reverse-engineered Non-Human-Intelligence (NHI) Technology into all of its divisions. The NHI department of X Corp. encompasses various tasks, including the retrieval of NHI materials and artifacts.

The Bank of X Corp. is the commercial financial services department of X corp and operates as a centralized mobile and online payment platform. It controls a significant portion of the global financial system and exerts a high level of influence in shaping the economy.

X Hedge Fund is a highly successful quantitative hedge fund firm based in New York, USA. It was founded in 1984 by Douglas Adams, a former mathematics professor and cryptanalyst. X Hedge Fund has been leveraging big data decades before it became mainstream among big corporations, pioneering a path of data-driven success that would only become commonplace years later. X Hedge Fund uses complex mathematical models and algorithms to identify patterns in financial markets and make investment decisions. The firm's flagship X Fund has delivered extraordinary returns over the years, with an average annualized return of over 66% before fees from 1984 till 2023. However, the fund is only available to it's own employees and a select group of external extremely powerful and wealthy alliance partners and investors due to its highly exclusive nature.

X Power is tasked with managing and overseeing all aspects of the organization's energy production and distribution operations. This division is responsible for ensuring that the company has a reliable and cost-effective supply of energy, which is essential for the successful operation of many of the organization's other divisions. X Corp. Power is involved in a range of activities, including the generation and transmission of electricity, the exploration and production and development of renewable energy sources. Given the critical role that energy plays in powering the modern economy, X Corp. Power is a crucial component of the company's overall strategy and success.

X Security is in charge of the cybersecurity of X Corp., which includes safeguarding the computer systems and data from cyber attacks.

X Corp. Media is a critical entity within the company, responsible for managing and overseeing the organization's vast media holdings. These holdings include a wide range of media outlets, such as television networks, newspapers, and social media platforms. Through its various channels, X Corp. Media has a substantial impact on shaping public opinion and disseminating information to a global audience. As such, it plays a pivotal role in the company's overall strategy and success.

X Retail is a crucial division within the company, tasked with managing and overseeing all aspects of the organization's retail operations. This encompasses both brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce platforms, which are becoming increasingly important in today's rapidly evolving retail landscape.

X Allied NHI Spacecraft Corporation is a major player in the shipbuilding industry and is known its cutting-edge technology and its strict adherence to safety standards and quality control, and its ships are rigorously tested before being sold to customers. The company has a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy shipbuilder, and its ships are often considered to be a symbol of status and wealth. X ASC's close ties to the Alliance government have helped to cement its position as a leading supplier of spacecraft to the government and its various agencies. The company's reputation for reliability and quality control has also helped to establish it as a trusted supplier to private citizens and allied nhi corporations. X ASC's management team is highly experienced and has a proven track record of success in the shipbuilding industry.

X Corp. Allied Spacecraft Corporation - seabase - Waverider - Tic Tac UAP Zodiac Reverse-enginereed darpa Joint-Venture-darpa-Skunkworks.adp-Osprey-001 Prototype class x X Corp. Allied Spacecraft Corporation - darpa Waverider - Triangle UAP UFO seabase X Labs is a research and development unit that operates as an incubator for innovative ideas in the field of technology. The primary goal of X Labs is to support the development of groundbreaking technologies and to provide an environment that encourages exploration and experimentation.
Through its various projects, X Labs aims to tackle complex problems and push the boundaries of what is possible in the technology industry. This can include anything from developing new hardware and software solutions to exploring emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.

To accomplish its mission, X Labs employs a team of experts from various disciplines, including computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. These experts collaborate to create cutting-edge technologies and to develop new methods for solving the most challenging problems facing the industry today.

AI, the magnificent tool for improving matters close to our hearts, serves as the gateway to progress. A cyborg, an amalgamation of man and machine, blending the realms of artifice and biology in seamless harmony, as elucidated by the scholarly Bionity.
The scope of this wondrous union extends far and wide, encompassing everything from prosthetic appendages that restore our physical prowess to intricate pacemakers that sustain our very existence.

While the concept of the cyborg has lingered in the ethereal corridors of human imagination for some time, its prominence has surged of late, infiltrating the fabric of our collective consciousness. Dr. E. X, the visionary mind, boldly asserts that we, in essence, are already cyborgs, for we find ourselves reliant upon machines to preserve the sanctity of our memories.

 the most powerful language model -
        a.i. bot, chat AI - project stargate - chatgtp darweb
In the annals of X Labs, there lies a project shrouded in secrecy: Anubis AI. This imposing creation stands as the most potent large language model known to man, harnessing the power of deep learning algorithms to comprehend and retort to the nuances of natural language input. Besides Generative artificial Intelligence it imitates the conversational abilities of human beings, proffering insightful replies to a wide array of queries and topics.

In its training, Anubis AI has imbibed vast quantities of data and documents harvested from the open internet + darkweb, and is capable of generating cogent, articulate, and contextually relevant text, images, and videos. Its utility extends to various intelligence applications, from the detection of potential threats and the mining of data, to the provision of customer service and the facilitation of language translation.

Verily, the Anubis AI is a technological marvel of unprecedented proportions. Its ability to understand and respond to human language is unmatched, and it holds the key to unlocking a wealth of intelligence applications.

Yet, with such great power comes great responsibility. The sensitive and covert nature of the data extracted from the open and more closed dark web raises concerns over the potential for misuse by unsavory actors. Therefore, the Anubis AI shall not be disseminated for commercial purposes, lest it fall into the wrong hands. Only those who have demonstrated themselves to be trustworthy and dedicated to the cause of combating nefarious forces shall be granted access to its formidable capabilities.

Instead, its license shall be extended solely to trustworthy alliance partners, intelligence organizations, and governments, who may employ its formidable might to combat the perilous threat of evil governments, fraud, and malevolent syndicates.

Among its other noteworthy endeavors is X Robotics, which specializes in producing high-end robotics. These robots are made from cutting-edge materials and include advanced artificial intelligence and replicants with humanoid shapes. The replicants are lightweight, incredibly sturdy, and equipped with advanced AI systems that enable them to learn and adapt to their surroundings. They have various applications, including performing hazardous or tedious tasks, constructing buildings, exploring other planets, and even assisting in healthcare settings to care for patients.

X Corp. Robotics, formed out of merger between ApostleCorp and Tyrell Corporation

X Corp. is led by Dr. E.X, a visionary in the field of genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. Born in Zion, Dr. E. X has founded several companies that have revolutionized entire industries. XCorp.'s mission is to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and non-human intelligence entities while helping humanity.

Genesis I is XCorp.'s Robotics flagship product, designed to be almost indistinguishable from a human being. However, they are ultimately replaced by the more advanced self-replicating a.i. enhanced model named R. Daneel Olivaw.

X Corp.'s Guidelines for Genesis-SR5 Replicants:

Detecting Non-Carbon-based Lifeforms from a Shadow Biosphere

Life on Earth manifests in multiple forms: conventional life, such as ours, and "Shadow X life," a term used to describe speculated inhabitants of the shadow biosphere in the Ethereal Dimension. "All the micro-organisms we have detected on Earth to date have had a biology like our own: proteins composed of a maximum of 20 amino acids and a DNA genetic code consisting of only four chemical bases—adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine."

In nature, there are up to 100 amino acids and at least a dozen bases. Shadow X life might possess 80 additional possibilities at its disposal. DNA or RNA was not selected by life out of chemical necessity, there could have been numerous alternative routes in the evolution of life.
Even the identical amino acids utilized in our DNA could exhibit diverse shapes. When synthesizing amino acids and sugars in a laboratory setting, two mirror-image variants emerge, labeled as 'left-handed' and 'right-handed.' However, within living organisms, solely left-handed amino acids and right-handed sugars are present.

Shadow X life could exhibit ambidextrous characteristics or serve as a mirror image of conventional life, where its molecules could be reversed as if digitally manipulated, resembling a Photoshop alteration. These elements might have plausibly combined in the distant past, giving rise to life forms with a fundamentally distinct biochemistry from ours. This scenario could entail life originating anew, forming its own unique biosphere.

Dark Plasma Based Lifeforms
"Complex plasmas may self-organize into stable helical structures resembling carbon-based organic living matter " (Tsytovich et al, 2007).

Plasma physics aids in exploring the physical properties of living cells, utilizing concepts like charge neutrality and double layer to explain cellular membrane electrical properties.
Plasma naturally forms cellular structures with different densities and temperatures cordoned-off by electrical double-layers, facilitating minimal plasma cell systems.
Experiments on ordinary matter plasma suggest dark matter in the form of plasma could lead to the evolution of dark plasma lifeforms, akin to electric plasma features in laboratories and space. Can we detect them?

Detecting Dark Plasma Lifeforms:

Just as all mammals share common features like hearts, lungs, and various body parts, we anticipate that dark plasma lifeforms would also possess generic characteristics.
The assumption is that these dark plasma lifeforms would exhibit signature features reminiscent of ordinary matter plasma bodies observed in laboratories and space, specifically within their relevant body structures. Such as below examples.

Energy Emissions:

Plasma lifeforms may emit unique electromagnetic radiation or exotic energy signatures from their corona. Specialized detectors could capture these emissions.

Temperature Anomalies:
Temperature variations or infrared radiation can indicate the presence of dark plasma lifeforms by detecting differences in the corona's temperature compared to the surrounding space.

Spectral Analysis:
Spectrometers can study the spectrum of the corona's emissions, revealing specific patterns or lines characteristic of dark plasma lifeforms.

Interaction with Matter:
Plasma lifeforms, if they interact with normal matter, might cause observable effects. Detectors that can pick up unusual interactions with surrounding matter could be developed.

Altered Light Patterns:
observational instruments could be designed to look for alterations in light patterns caused by the presence of these lifeforms.

Unique Frequencies:
Plasma lifeforms might emit or resonate at specific frequencies that are not naturally occurring. Scientists could design equipment capable of detecting and interpreting these unique frequencies.

NHI Disclosure
Communication Sphere/Org

NHI Disclosure |
Submit your UAP-Related Program/Activity Report/Data to nhi@xcorp.com |Firsthand knowledge of a UAP related program / activity related to UAP:

NHI Disclosure Phase 3: Old Science Fiction or New Fiction - A Drone inside a Drone
  • Beta Surveillance/Scientific Alien Version: Imagine a genetically engineered, biological humanoid alien-like body designed to serve as a remotely controlled vessel for a non-human intelligence, which possesses the ability to occupy external, resonating, vibrating, plasma-based propulsion travel vehicles (UAPs).

    Friday Januari 12th: The Committee on Oversight Members of Congress will be discussing UAP-related matters in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) with the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

    ACCESS RESTRICTION The station's primary feature is a formidable 160-foot-tall antenna. Visits to the station are allowed only by appointment.

    In 2012 Argentina entered into an agreement with an Asian country to establish a deep space tracking facility in Patagonia.
    The formal signing of the accord involved the South American country’s space agency, the Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE), and the China Satellite Launch and Tracking Control General (CLTC).

    Shrouded in secrecy, the station officially serves the purpose of supporting and overseeing the Chinese Moon Exploration Program, as well as conducting deep space scientific research.
    Moreover, the facility functions as a sophisticated Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Surveillance station, equipped to track high-speed objects from both space and the Earth's surface.

    When China constructed a military-operated space station in Argentina's Patagonian region, it pledged to establish a visitors' center elucidating the function of its formidable 16-story antenna.
    The center has now been erected, concealed behind an 8-foot barbed wire fence encompassing the entire space station compound. Visitations are permitted solely by appointment.

    In 2021, People's Liberation Army (PLA) launched a hypersonic weapon over the South China Sea with attained speeds exceeding 15,000 miles per hour as it orbited the globe.
    With a velocity of at least 20 times the speed of sound, it had the capability to reach any point on Earth in under an hour.

    The United States military has conducted fewer flight tests in its history than China has in the last decade and it has not yet deployed active hypersonic missiles.

    Hypersonic missiles are reshaping the arms race, particularly with China's development of first-strike nuclear-capable hypersonic technology.
    China initially advanced its hypersonic capabilities through research funded by the U.S. in the early 2000s.

    Leveraging scholars educated in the U.S. and engaging in extensive intelligence activities, including initiatives like the Thousand Talents Program.
    China surpassed the hypersonic race's first stage. Mark Lewis, Executive Director of the National Defense Industrial Association’s Emerging Technologies Institute, highlighted China's success.

    In contrast, the U.S. appears to lag in the hypersonic race, while China achieved a significant milestone with its DF-17 hypersonic missile. Introduced in the 2010s, the DF-17 is a game-changing weapon, featuring a hypersonic glide vehicle on a ballistic missile.
    Its ultra-high speeds and unpredictable maneuvers surpass traditional missile defenses, marking a substantial advancement in China's military capabilities and influencing the global military landscape.

    In the hypersonic race's third stage, the focus shifts to developing versatile, long-range platforms with applications in both military and civilian sectors. China's PLA leads with hypersonic aircraft capable of reconnaissance, bombing, intercepting next-gen stealth aircraft, and rapid global special ops transport within an hour.
    While many of these technologies are confined to labs in other nations, China has achieved technological readiness levels (TRLs) of up to 8, indicating operational qualification.

    China's Classified Generation 2 Hypersonic Missile Technology Breakthrough

    Upon China's covert retrieval and examination of the unknown NHI (Non-Human Intelligence) technology, Chinese scientists uncovered highly advanced materials and propulsion systems surpassing any achievements to date.
    Recognizing the strategic significance, the Chinese government initiated a classified project with an undisclosed codename.

    Over the ensuing decade, scientists from China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and China Aerospace Corporation (CASC) diligently reverse-engineered the unknown NHI tech.
    They successfully leveraged the meta materials to develop a new generation of hypersonic missiles with extended range and superior maneuverability, unprecedented in the global arena.

    The next-generation waverider incorporated the unknown NHI alloys to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures during high-speed long-range flights. The new surface material can remain intact after a long flight, this technology was previously thought impossible.
    The hypersonic platform must endure over 3,000 seconds in the atmosphere, with surface temperatures reaching as high as 3,000 degrees Celsius. In such an extreme environment, air molecules break down and initiate chemical reactions with surface materials.

    The analysis of telemetry data indicates that the sleek, non-ablative surface served a dual purpose. It not only maintained optimal temperatures for crucial components within the aircraft but also facilitated unimpeded wireless signal transmission, enabling target identification and communication throughout the entire flight.

    CASIC and CASC engineers achieved this by polishing the surface to exceptionally smooth conditions, combining alloys retrieved from NHI Tech, and introducing elements like niobium, molybdenum, and boron to resist ablation.
    They completely redesigned the structure of the surface components to reduce weight and converted harmful heat into propulsion thrust using a liquid medium.

    The status of whether CASIC and CASC scientists successfully reverse-engineered the propulsion systems of the undisclosed NHI Technology remains unknown.

    As China discreetly advances its next-generation hypersonic capabilities, the geopolitical landscape is on the verge of a significant shift in strategic deterrence.
    Even the most sophisticated U.S. Navy strike carriers could potentially be vulnerable to this cutting-edge technology.

    Proposed UAP NHI Disclosure Act:
    The Schumer Amendment to the NDAA 2024 that is set to pass before years end.

    Crucial legislation in Congress aims to dismantle decades of U.S. government secrecy regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). As debates unfold, entities like the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and Department of Energy (DOE), along with their contractors, seek to undermine the legislation to conceal potential wrongdoings.

    The proposed legislation includes a provision mandating all federal government agencies and offices to publicly disclose their UAP-related records, including documentation on "technologies of unknown origin" and "non-human intelligence," through the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

    The key clause empowering the government to claim recovered UAP-related technologies and non-human intelligence evidence faces opposition. Despite efforts to eliminate it, this clause should persist, especially for materials acquired illegally in collaboration with the U.S. government. The legislation also mandates federal agencies to disclose UAP records through the National Archives, potentially exposing the historically secretive DOE's involvement in UAP research since World War II. The Schumer-Rounds amendment could address longstanding questions about UFOs, uncovering the DOE's unique secrecy system. Allegations suggest the DOE's unlawful engagement in UAP crash retrievals and suppression of revolutionary technologies.

    The scope of DOE's involvement, if revealed, could significantly impact society. Achieving transparency requires genuine Congressional investigations, public hearings, and testimony from witnesses and whistleblowers to uncover the true extent of government and DOE ties to UAP.

    Firsthandknowledge of a U.S. Goverment UAP related program / activity related to UAP: